What Time IS the Event? How early do we need to arrive by? What time will it be over?

Registration will begin at 7 AM. Games will wrap up by 4 PM. If your games end earlier than 4 PM, you do not need to stay for the remainder of the showcase.

Should I sign up for Fab Frosh, Super Sophs, or Super Juniors?

The Fab Frosh Showcase is for current Freshman/Rising Sophomores, meaning athletes in the class of 2022. The Super Sophs Showcase is for current Sophomores/Rising Juniors, meaning athletes in the class of 2021. The Super Juniors Showcase is for current Juniors/Rising Seniors, meaning athletes in the class of 2020.

Will I be playing with athletes my age, or mixed age groups?

Athletes will be placed on a team of roughly 17-20 athletes, all in the same class year. You will only with & against athletes your age.

Who is coaching my team?

Each team will be coached by an active college coach. You will remain with the same coach & team throughout the day. Not all the coaches attending will be coaching teams. The vast majority are there to just recruit. If a coach you are interested in is coaching another team, they still have several opportunities to see you play as they only coach 3 games throughout the day. Coaches will be on the sidelines recruiting when they are not with their team.

Is the coaches list on the website final?

No! Not all schools have finalized their summer recruiting calendar yet. We are constantly adding more coaches to the list, even in teh days right before the event. If there is a program that you are interested in that is not on the list, reach out to them & let them know you will be here so that they are aware and can come watch you play.

Is there food or water for sale on site?

SportsRecruits will sell water and gatorade on site. Wesleyan also has a small stand where you can get snacks. There are a number of delis near campus we can direct you to.

What do I need to bring? Do i get a uniform?

We provide you with a D3 Lacrosse reversible jersey for the day. Wear whatever you are comfortable wearing. You will be playing on both turf & grass fields, so bring proper footwear. You must bring all necessary protective gear, along with any other lacrosse equipment you may need.

How many games do we play?

Each team plays 3-games full field in a showcase format. There will not be playoffs. There will be an optional skills session that all athletes are welcome to attend, coached by the college coaches.

Can I register to Play two positions?

You can not register to play two positions. You must choose one position at the point of registration. However, if you would like to play multiple positions, we can list you as two different positions in the coaches books to let them know about your versatility. It is likely that you would get an opportunity to play both of those positions at the showcase, but would primarily play the position which you registered for. If this is the case, please email help@sportsrecruits.com.


No, unfortunately we are not able to accommodate these requests due to possible NCAA violations.

I am attending with my sibling/friend. Can i request to be on the same team as them?

Yes, you can request to be on the same team as another athlete. We will do our very best to accommodate these requests, but cannot guarantee it. Our number one priority is making sure that teams are balanced, and games are fair. Sometimes we have to accommodate these requests by putting athletes on two separate teams with schedules that compliment each other. Please email help@d3lacrosseshowcase.com to make a request.

Do you offer a hotel discount?

Yes, we do. You can find information regarding hotel discounts & other travel information below.

When will jersey numbers, team assignments, and schedules be released?

Jersey numbers, team assignments, and schedules will be released a week prior to the event. All college coaches attending will be provided all of this information, and updated immediately with any changes. It is possible that your team assignment could change in order to keep teams balanced at each position should other athletes drop out of the showcase. However, once you are assigned a jersey number, it WILL NOT change.

Will i be listed in the coaches books? What information about me is listed there?

All athletes & their information will be listed in the coaches books. Coaches books are sent to be printed 2 days prior to the event. If you are added to the event off the waitlist after that time, coaches will be sent your information & we will provide them an amendments page detailing this information long with any other last minute changes.

In order for all of your information to be listed, you must complete your SportsRecruits profile. You received a confirmation email after you registered, which included a link to your SportsRecruits profile. If you were not already a member of SR, we created a free profile for you. Navigate to the Profile tab of your profile, select Edit from the sidebar, and fill out all the information in the Essentials section. This information, along with a link to your SportsRecruits profile, will be included in the coaches books.