Participants from the 2017 Super sophs showcase


location was great! we were able to do a college tour while we there, so the timing was perfect. The schedules and fields were really well organized and shared - very helpful and clear.
The event was fantastic. Great location, plenty of parking, schedule ran right on time, coaching superb, great overall experience! Great representation from college coaches.
Everyone had awesome sportsmanship so it was to just play the game. It was a simple schedule and good location so it was not confusing. Also, the teams were chosen well, everyone was able to play their own position.
There was an abundance of college scouts, the coaching by college coaches was a beneficial experience, I was able to meet and connect to several other lacrosse players from around the country, and I was able to showcase my ability to college scouts.
The level of play. It was the best qualified group of kids we saw this summer. Timing of games. Never having too much time off.
We felt that it was well run and organized. Teams were even which made for better games. Rosters were small which gave more playing time for all the players.