Registration for the 2018 Super Sophs Lacrosse Showcase gives your family access to our webinar series. These webinars are built to prepare you for each recruiting window in 2018. Being educated about the recruiting process is so important. By the time Super Sophs comes around we want you to be experts.

Each webinar is led by our insights team, former collegiate athletes who are experts in the recruiting process. If you missed a webinar we will be sending the recaps to all registered families. 


Fall Event Circuit Webinar - November 7th

  • Make the most out of your Fall Circuit
  • Using your film to get coaches on the sideline
  • Learn how to analyze events. Which ones should I go to?
  • Best practices pre-event, during the event, and post-event

Winter Circuit & The Dead Period - Early January Webinar

  • What should you be doing when there is no lacrosse?
  • What is a dead period?
  • How can you make the most of this time of year?

Spring Season & The Disaster Plan - Early April Webinar

  • What to do if you are graduating in 2018/2019 and have not yet committed.
  • The complete "uncommitted prospect's roadmap" complete with step by step instructions and guideposts to help you get committed soon. 
  • A list of must-attend summer events to attract the interest of college coaches at your target schools
  • The "fool proof" summer schedule. (Ignore this at your peril)

Prospect Days - Early May

  • Learn the difference between camps, clinics, and prospect days.
  • How to determine if a prospect day is worth it for you.
  • What to do to make sure a prospect day is worth your time.
  • Am I being personally invited or is this an open invitation?

Pre Summer Circuit - Late May

  • Prep for the summer circuit
  • Learn a step-by-step guide to get college coaches on the sidelines
  • Which showcases should I attend? How can I analyze these events?
  • Best practices for gathering and processing film

Pre Event Webinar - Mid July

  • Prep for Fab Frosh Lacrosse Showcase
  • Summer Circuit Survival Guide
  • Mid Summer Checklist (What should I be doing to make the most of the back-half of the Summer Circuit)
  • Best practices at an event to make college coaches notice you